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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

North vs. South – A Comparison of Poles

Penguins look delicious, so why don’t polar bears eat them? Do bears not like feathers? Do penguins stink? I’ll tell you why. It’s because penguins and polar bears live on opposite sides of the world. Penguins are in the Antarctic (the bottom bits), while polar bears are in the Arctic (in the “up” direction). If polar bears ever got loose in the South Pole, they would massacre those little tuxedoed birds before dying from severe temperature/seasonal changes. The relocation might not be a good idea. Let’s take a look at the other differences between the poles so that we never get them mixed up again.

Antarctic (South Pole)
Arctic (North Pole)
-has no tundra/trees
-surrounded by tundra/trees
-a continent
-a frozen ocean surrounded by continents
-bedrock is 100ft. above sea level
-bedrock is 1400ft below sea level
-no land mammals
-land mammals welcome
-annual mean temp is -58°F
-annual mean temp is a balmy 0°F
-no ancient human population
-Inuit, etc.
-Mulder rescues Scully from space ship here
-No visits from Mulder or Scully
-polar bears
Adelie-iceedge hgUrsus maritinus

So those, in a nutshell, are the differences between the earth’s poles. May we never confuse the two again. 

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  1. No, but really, penguins STINK. And I had no idea that the South Pole was quite THAT cold. Little wonder why nothing but freaks (albeit adorable freaks) of nature live there.