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Monday, December 5, 2011

Pleistocene Park

I was about to start a totally different topic but then I found this:

Wholly Mammoths

That's right, we (well, Russia and Japan) are one step closer to cloning the mammoth. Not going to lie, I am extremely excited about this. So excited, in fact, that I want to expand this cloning trend to other extinct or nearly  extinct animals. I realize that there are plenty of ethical issues to deal with here, but to those I say, "C'mon! It's a freaking MAMMOTH! I wanna see it!!!" Forget sheep and dogs, let's clone mammoths. This needs to happen within my lifetime. If I were a crazy billionaire, I would bathe these scientists in money...and I would get the first ticket to visit Pleistocene Park. I realize there are some striking parallels to Jurassic Park here, but we should still move forward on this. John Hammond had a dream and it was beautiful (and deadly, but mostly beautiful). Let's hope that the next step for science (besides finding places to colonize in space) will be the resurrection of the dinosaurs. Bad idea? Maybe. Awesome idea? Definitely. 

"I wish I weren't extinct. Won't somebody please clone me?"

"Bringing me back to life will in no way be a bad idea."

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  1. WOW =O

    You would think they would have learnt something from the jurassic park films lol.